Details on The Big Show causing damage backstage after disobeying WWE orders

Paul Wight, formerly known as The Big Show, once went against instructions by smashing a WWE television monitor backstage.

The seven-foot superstar, who worked for WWE between 1999 and 2021, was told not to touch the prop during a segment. According to former writer Matt McCarthy, he disliked the order and reacted by causing serious damage to the screen.

Speaking on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, McCarthy recalled how legendary WWE personality Teddy Long amusingly responded to the incident.

“I remember one time there was a backstage [segment]. We specifically told Big Show, ‘Don’t touch the TV monitor,’” McCarthy said. “And instead he punched it and it smashed into a thousand pieces. I remember Teddy Long was standing next to me and he goes, ‘Oh my God! They told him not to touch the gimmick and then he punches the gimmick!’” [10:06-10:24]

The Big Show’s career highlights include winning the WWE Championship twice and WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice. The 50-year-old joined AEW in 2021 as a commentator and in-ring performer.

Matt McCarthy’s experience working with The Big Show

Despite his vast experience in the wrestling business, The Big Show could allegedly be difficult to work with at times when presented with storyline ideas.

McCarthy added that the former WCW star was one of the few people he did not want to interact with during his time in WWE:

“I never wanted to tell Big Show any idea that we had, because his first reaction would always be just like, ‘F*** that, I don’t wanna do that. I wanna sit on my bus and play video games.’ Like, ‘All right, very cool. Well, we have a live television show to do.’ But everybody else was super cool.” [1:06:49-1:07:12]

McCarthy also said in the interview that Randy Orton once reacted furiously after he was pitched an idea involving his family.

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