Who is Greg Ellis? Pirates of the Caribbean actor takes to social media to continue supporting Johnny Depp amid Amber Heard trial

Castmate Greg Ellis has supported Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp. Ellis has continued to support Depp throughout his legal battle with Heard over the years. More recently, he took to Twitter to share that Johnny Depp is “beloved” in the industry, while Amber Heard is “universally detested.”

The actor also claimed that Heard pre-planned the entire legal order when she began her “legal maneuvers” six years ago:

Johnny Depp has not been charged or tried in a court of law.He is beloved in the industry.Amber Heard knew exactly what she was doing when she set out on legal maneuvers 6 years ago.She is universally detested in the industry.She is on trial ~ a jury will decide her fate

In another tweet, he mentioned that Heard’s “greatest achievement” was igniting a #MenToo dialogue instead of a #MeToo monologue:

Amber Heard’s greatest achievement may be that she’s helped ignite a #MenToo Dialogue, not a #Me too monologues.

Ellis also posts regular videos on YouTube discussing the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation case. In one of his videos from April, the actor revealed that he had known Depp for more than 20 years.

He shared that he first met Depp during the cast script read-through of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film and made four movies together before providing the facts about Depp and Heard’s relationship.

In one of his most recent videos, Ellis discussed why Amber Heard’s testimony against Johnny Depp was “dangerous” yet “familiar.”

Everything to know about Greg Ellis

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Greg Ellis is an Emmy nominated actor and Annie Award-nominated voice actor, best known for playing Lieutenant Commander Groves in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Chief Engineer Olsen in JJ Abrams’ star trek.

He has a significant international career spanning stage, screen, and voiceovers. Ellis bagged the recurring role of Thomas Farrow in Hawaii Five-0 season five and regularly appeared on Fox drama touch as Trevor Wilcox.

The actor also played antagonist Michael Amador opposite Kiefer Sutherland in the third season of 24. He also appeared in prominent films like Beowulf, Mr and Mrs Smith, other titanic.

Ellis lent his voice to The Lion Guard as MZingo and Valen Rudor in the Disney animated series Star Wars Rebels. He appeared in popular TV shows like dexter, Lucifer, The X Files, CSI, bones, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Closer, The Richesand Knight Rideramong others.

His other voiceover credits include Star Wars The Clone Wars, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Batman: The Brave & the Bold, Tom and Jerry, What’s New, Scooby Doo? The Boondocks, Sofia the First, Phineas and Ferb, ben 10, The Mummyand Tron: Uprising. He also had voice roles in garfield 2 other cars 2

Greg Ellis has more than 150 video game credits, including Call of Duty, star trek, Diablo, Uncharted, cars, Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Guardian of the Galaxy, Medal of Honourand Skylanders.

The actor has also contributed to the West End, playing the role of Rusty in the original Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s New Starlight Expressthe alternate Chris in the actual Miss. Saigon and the part of Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone.

Ellis also performed for HRH Queen Elizabeth II at Saint Paul’s Cathedral and delivered two other Royal Command Performances. He has achieved 3 Top 20 singles in Europe and sang a duet with Lorrie Morgan live at the Las Vegas Hilton.

The artist formed a production company called Monkey Toes in 2014 and produced, wrote, and directed its first project, the Sky television drama marked, starring Kiefer Sutherland and Stephen Fry.

Ellis has authored two books, TheKnowledge other NoThing In Between, under the pen name Jonny Rees. his third book titanic diaries, was a compilation of private and personal journals from 27 actors who worked in the blockbuster film titanic.

Additionally, he teaches phenomenology-based learning in India at the Ashray Orphanage, the Parva Slum School in Jaipur, and the Urwashi Jagriti School in Udaipur. Ellis is a student of the dialectical approach to the Phenomenology of Feelings and studied affect theory with epistemologist Gary David.

What did Greg Ellis say about Johnny Depp in the past?

Greg Ellis called Johnny Depp

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He also claimed that Johnny Depp was fired from Fantastic Beasts 3 amid his legal troubles as a result of “a fear of the media” and said that the actor should be signed for the sixth installation of Pirates of the Caribbean:

“If Jack Sparrow isn’t a key, if not the key element, to wrapping up a multi-billion dollar franchise, is it not akin to not having Captain Kirk in [the original] Star Trek?”

Greg Ellis also shared that Johnny Depp was very “professional and friendly” during their time on the pirates set and called him “down to earth.”

The actor said that in the initial days of filming, Johnny Depp asked his bodyguard to move Greg’s chair next to his so that the latter get more involved with everyone and become an active part of the conversation.

Years later, Johnny Depp even wrote the introduction to Ellis’ 2021 book The Respondent: Exposing the Cartel of Family Law.


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